If you are a Broker, Hedge Fund or Investment manager and have more than one source of data (for local or offshore), then you will need a Data Lineage solution.

If you use any of:

  • Investec, RMB, ABSA, Peregrine, NedBank, SAXO, Stanlib, Prescient, BDA, GCMS, ITAC, Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, Julius Baer, Citibank, Prime

(to name but a few), or if you are affected by:

  • MiFID II, GDPR, Popi, FatCa, CRS, RDR

then there is a 98% chance that you need DataView to consolidate and validate your data.

We can source, validate, enhance and normalize your fund and client data, and provide

  • reporting to the Administrators, ManCos, Regulators and clients.
  • the adaptor to the PM system (both ways)