Who We are

About Us

We are Data Lineage and Integration specialists with 18 years of experience of disparate trading, risk and reporting systems in International Banking and the global arena. We have a proven track record of delivering on time and to budget and have substantial experience of “getting the data right”. In addition to being technology providers, we are also data and integration specialists and understand your data as well as your upstream data and systems. We offer a fully managed service and provide a personalized service with an excellent support structure.

Our History

Sequential IT grew out of the Investment Banks in London and New York. Their core platform was used for areas ranging from Algo Trading to Market Risk and their volumes from 1000’s for Monte Carlo nodes across mutliple timezones, to each and every trade, every day, to calculate VaR at a FirmWide level for one of the largest investment banks. The knowledge of multiple asset classes and currencies across multiple areas lead them to develop DataView (for processing and validation the trading and fund date) and WebView (for the CRM/KYC/Advisor portal).

Our Achievements

We have automated tasks for clients that they themselves said were not automateable. We have processed data sets that used to take over 4 hours in under 5 minutes. We have automated the imports of and provided normalized data for many disparate service providers, LISP, Prime Brokers, ManCo’s and Administrators.

Our Vision

To be the place to go to if you want solid data, fully automated.

Our fabric and product suite


Business Application Fabric
Fabric / Mutli-Tenant
Data Lineage Fabric
DataLineage / Fabric
DataView Wealth
Compliance / Statements
DataView Compliance
AML / Compliance / KYC
DataView Fund
ISAE / Recons / Shadow Nav
Some Fun Facts about us?
45 M
Records in one day
Thousand Records per second
Man Years of Code
Years of Experience
Some of our offerings


Financial Advisor / Wealth

from R1350 pm
For individual Advisors
  • Multi-Tenant Cloud
  • Up to 3 LISPs
  • Support Tickets
  • 1 hour of support

Broker / Hedge Fund

from R15,999 pm
For small to medium Firms
  • Multi-Tenant Cloud
  • Current Provider
  • Support Forum
  • 5 hours of support

Fund / Asset Manager

from R39k pm
Great for larger businesses
  • Flows
  • Recons
  • Trade files
  • Shadow NAV